Treating Psoriasis the Non-Toxic Way

Oh psoriasis, a sensitive topic to touch upon. If you have it or know anyone who does, you can understand the struggle. In this post I will share how I used to treat my psoriasis and how I currently keep it under control. While I have been battling with psoriasis for 6 years now, please … Continue reading Treating Psoriasis the Non-Toxic Way

Humphreys Oil Controlling Facial Toner, Citrus 

Humphreys Oil Controlling Facial  Toner, Citrus About the Brand: "In 1853, Fredrick Humphreys became one of the leading homeopathic physicians in New York.", believe in natural healing, designed to be "easy for individuals to diagnose and self-prescribe without the need to worry about a host of traditional concerns, including content or potency selection.", gentle ingredients, … Continue reading Humphreys Oil Controlling Facial Toner, Citrus